Friday, October 22, 2010

It's official

That's right everyone my wife gave me permission to start posting under my own name. I'm officially an author on our blog...what a proud day. And here are some photos of the boyz.

They're brothers. They're happy and they're singing and they're colored...well Noa is. (Those are lyrics from a show I used to watch...The Wayans Brothers.)

Micah: Noa why is your head so big?

Micah: I'm not sure if I trust dis guy.

Are these guys really brothers? Yes and they are the best brothers. Noa looks out for Micah and Micah let's Noa poke him in the least until we catch Noa.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Let's bowl, let's bowl, let's rock n roll

Noa got a taste of the bowling alley the other night and is hooked. The ball roller was a little to high so he got some help.

Classic bowling pose, I think he has a future in the bumpers league.

Mom and Noa all excited after breaking 100...that was their scores combined. I'm still proud of my family and we challenge any other fam to bring their game when we go bowling.

Micah had so much fun watching his brother and Mom do their thang. He was really amazed with all of the lights and music. What a stud!

Don't stand by me while I'm bowling man, your messing with my style.

Little help people.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Family Time

We went to Hee Haws last Monday and had a lot of fun despite the gloomy weather. It's starting to get cold this week so we had to bust out the sweaters. Most of the pics are of Noa because at almost 3 months Micah still hasn't started walking...he's a late bloomer I guess.

"They think my tractors sexy." No Noa did not say that, it's a country song everybody.

He did some bronco bucking. For all u city folk dats riding an untamed horse...but don't worry I stood right beside him for safety, what kind of parent do you think I am. 

A little wheel barrel ride.

A big swing with a sweet sister who we don't know but cheered Noa on anyway. He has that affect on people, especially da ladies.

It aint a real farm experience unless you have a hay we did it. Got some candies too for "da Noa." Noa refers to himself in third person...yeah he's gettin ready for some kind of pro sport that's how they all talk. 

Lil Micah was bundled up in an animal looking thing. I think it was a bear. But he was nice and warm. We had some hot chocolate, donuts, and went on some slides - but didn't show the picture because my pants look funny in it. Then Noa picked out a pumkin. We could of got a big one for free but Noa wanted one his size. It was a fun night.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Family Pics

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Here are some family pics Clark took for us. Thanks Clark! 
This beauty has been doing it for years. It's no surprise how she commands the attention of the camera and all present. Sarah Denise Ioane is the model of all models. Work it honey!
Here is the newest model making his debut - Micah Manuia Ioane. Notice how he sports the white one-zy with the greatest of confidence. Not many men can pull off flashing the thighs. He's a manly, handsome lil guy.

Our next model is no stranger to the camera. Noa Tauailoto Ioane shows his versatility taking to the playground with some action shots. What a stud!

Put these two lady killers together and watch out. Amazing how these two work the camera with ease. These guys are pros...not giving too much away but you do catch a smirk here and there. Some call them the unstoppable duo. Sarah and I are lucky to call them each...son.

Last but not least is the entire squad. The Ioane Family sets a high standard for family pics, except the dad...a t-shirt Tau...really. It's okay I can tease myself. But the rest of the splendid models more than make up for my wardrobe malfunction.

Thanks again to Clark, he is da man and a great photographer. If you are interested in his skillz check him out -