Saturday, November 1, 2008

Growing Up

First Day Home (He was so small)

We can't believe how fast our little guy is growing up. It seems like we just brought him home yesterday, but he's already doubled in weight and grown 5 inches. Before he's to cool to kiss his mommy in public and snuggle with his dad, Tau and I thought we'd get our cuddles in while we can. We are loving parenthood. Here are just some of the little adventures we've had so far.

Surprisingly, the hospital trusted us to take such a fragile little thing home with us without an instruction manual. Luckily my mom came and stayed with us the first week. She made delicious meals, cleaned up the house, and made sure we didn't kill the baby. We were very glad to have her with us. Thanks mom.

Many people have commented that Noa is our little Samoan. We love his golden tan too, but it's not natural, secretly Tau and I have been sticking him in his very own mini tanning bed to ensure his darkness...

... lol. Noa had a hard time eating at first and so it was very hard to get rid of his jaundice. He had to be strapped down in a bili bed for four weeks where we weren't allowed to take him out except for feedings and diaper changes. I was so scared he would think that this was how life was ... no one ever holding him ... always strapped down in a hard cold bed. Maybe that's why he didn't get better for so long. Tau and I kept sneaking him out to cuddle him.

Speaking of difficulty eating...

Nursing sucked the first ... nope, nursing just sucks. I got mastitis so bad that it turned into an abscess. I had a surgery to drain it and was put on a buttload of antibiotics. Its been almost three months and I am done with the I.V. thankfully, but I am still taking oral meds for another month. Other than that I guess nursing isn't that bad.


Since Noa was born he's had a lot of visitors, but one of his favorites has been his cousin Brooklyn. She seems to like him too as long as he knows who's boss. I don't think he'll forget it anytime soon ... at least until he gets bigger than her.

Bonding with Daddy

Tau has been a most excellent father and husband in this new chapter of our lives. I call him my Mr. Incredible and it's not hard to see why. He has many super powers which he uses only for good like always getting Noa to fall asleep.

Unfortunately, sometimes his magic power gets the better of him before it reaches Noa.

Unlike regular superheroes who wear stretchy pants and capes, Tau's disguise is simple. Here is a picture of him cleaning up the disaster site after saving me from a nuclear explosion that got all over my shirt. Just another reason why he is Mr. Incredible.

He is also very good at feelin anotha brotha's pain. Here is a peaceful picture of Noa before he went in to get his "man" surgery.

Tau was there every second of recovery making sure Noa got whatever his little heart desired.

When he's not busy saving the world Tau likes to spend time bonding with his son as a regular ol' Joe, but I think Noa already knows about his dad's secret identity.

Here they are at the park after a volleyball game.