Wednesday, October 5, 2011


It's been a while...but we are back. Here is a review of August.

Here we are at the Rascal Flatts concert. Sarah's anniversary present to me...what a great wife! The concert was dope!

Noa's first day of preschool...he loves it. They have farm of animals, great playground, and lots of yard to play in.

Oh and don't let me forget the koi pond.

And here is his classroom...just kidding this is actually the time out room for the naughty kids. (still kidding)

We also went to our friend's, Tami and David, stake activity. I have no idea how they put this on but it is better than some of the city fairs we have been to. Yeah, that is a hot air balloon ride.

There was food, rides, animals, bounce houses, and even a water dunking booth. They go all out my friends.

Here we are going to Thanksgiving Point 2 dollar Tuesday activities...can't beat it. It's packed but way fun for the kids. I got off work early to check out the dinosaur museum with da fam!
Now that I look at this, that is one scary shark and so is that dude wit da beard.
Micah enjoying his freedom from stroller jail.
Our son reads at a 5th grade level already ;)
Noa gettin a lil messy...his face doesn't show it but he had fun.
I think they were pretending to be raptors.

Next we have Kava Kreation. My brother-in-law is the lead singer for this island reggae group. He got us in to watch the concert in SLC. (Keola rocked da mic! Way to go bro!) It was fun but we had to jet right after he was done because it went so late. You know how we polys do things :)

Lil date night for the young and energetic couple.

We watched our nephews for a lil while for Erin and Josh. Here I took them out of the house to play some baseball. We also had some neighbor's kids over to play with them. It was them against me...I lost.

Here is what I came home to. So I took the virtual gaming away and we did some real life gaming.

Sarah and Farrah at the Thanksgiving Point gardens. I think Rach went with them too. I couldn't go but it looks like they had fun.

Yeah it has a lil water park too.

Noa testing the waters.

Lil stud!

Big brother stud.

Micah preparing for his cart wheel in to a round off...yeah he's pretty athletic.
This is right after the round off...flipping and stuff makes him happy.

Noa's birthday! We took Noa out by himself to celebrate. Here we are at the bowling alley playing ski ball.
Noa's almost 100 score...he did this all by himself! (with the help of some bumpers)
We also hit up Kung Fu Panda 2...very good.
Noa's excited face.
Noa practicing his kung fu before the movie...with shades.

Random shot of Micah after his first haircut...good job mommy!

We will try to keep up a little better!