Friday, January 28, 2011

2010 Chrismas Part 2

Everything is out of order but Blogger isn't the easiest when it comes to setting the pictures and videos up. So here is the rest of the trip in no specific order.

Grandpa with Micah.

We brought the Wii and some games Josh and Erin let us borrow. The kids loved it...and so did Sarah. (Thanks Josh and Erin!)

We got some family pics right before we left. Here are my Mom and Dad with all the grand kids. My man Kaleo was not happy with grandpa for some reason, but then he cheered up.

Here we have Sarah, Micah, Noa and I. My sister Sonya and Jordan. Mom, Dad, and Mailelagi. Keola, Talia, Anita and happy boy Kaleo.

This is for my sisters. We forgot to get a pic of this before we left so this is what Micah looked like with his Santa outfit...he might be cursed wit da big head like daddy--we had to just sit the cap on his head.

This was Christmas morning. Everyone had a blast. Here is Noa all excited for gifts. He opened his and I thinked helped everyone else with theirs...he's nice like dat.

Noa's cousin Mai is such a hugger. She would pick Noa up, hug him, and kiss him all the time.

The night before the Christmas we had a baby Talia's baby blessing. Here is Talia with Sarah.

We then had a dinner and later smores. The kids played with bubbles while we got the smores ready.


Kids in a smore trance.

Kids, "Uncle can I have more're my favorite uncle."
Me, "I know."

We took the kids to a jump place with a lot stuff too small for me to get on. But the kids had fun.

Grandpa with all the kids.

Just a lil drill I made Noa do to get ready to run da rock in football. It's never too early to train.

Action shot!


Well we ate a lot of good food and had a lot of fun. Thanks to my parents and sisters for the wonderful time. We miss you guys. I love my family very much. I grateful for them. Can't wait for the next trip.