Wednesday, June 6, 2012


We had some family fun and went golfing. We've been a couple of times since it's been warm but we're still catching up on sharing our spring fun.

The boys love golfing. Whenever we pass by the miniature golf place Micah yells out "GOLFIN!"in hopes that we are headed there.

Check out that's kinda of like Happy Gilmore. ;)


The golfers looking on to the next hole...they are so focused.

Micah got tired of the putter and decided to start using his hands.

Check out that landscape...this was a very classy golf course.

Noa does a lil victory dance after he drains a put.

Cool guy alert!

"Not now Mom, I'm driving!"

Future Nascar driver?

We had an Easter egg hunt at Mom & Dad Uda's house. The boys loved hanging out with their cousins and finding some candies.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

About Time!

Slacker in da's been a while. Here is a quick catch-up. November 2011 we some fun! Here are a couple of pics from Thanksgiving. We went over to Rob and Jordan's. 

The boys doing their kung fu thang. :)

A big happy Rob!

We had a surprise party for Mom and Dad to celebrate their 35th anniversary. Anita and Sonya flew in to Utah. Mom and Dad thought they were going to watch they boys while Sarah and I did a weekend getaway.

Here's my cute niece Talia striking a pose.

Sonya with our cousin's sweet daughter.

Anita, Mom, and Malia. Malia drove from Cali with her fam to come for the get together. Thanks for the quick visit Malia!

My stud nephew Kaleo at the local playground. Gloves were messin up his shaka :)

Mai and Leo getting some energy out.

Yeah we put our tree up in November people. 

And we let the boys do one too...Micah somehow lost his pants in the process!?

What is Christmas in Utah without a trip to temple square. My beautiful wife Sarah is camera shy but I got her to pose with Noa here.

December 2011:

GINGERBREAD HOUSES! Yeah boi! Noa, Warren, and Polika had a gingerbread par-tay.

We ate dinner at Mom and Dad Uda's house and the kidlets did their reenactment of Christ's birth. Noa and Micah had some pretty important roles. They decided that the shepherd and monkey should have light sabers...ata boys :)

All the grandkids got some presents from grandma and grandpa. It was a fun night. And we ended the night with a little talent show. Noa sang the Spiderman song 3 or 4 times...but it was a hit every time.

Family time at the Provo Beach Resort. We are VIP members. 

I gave Micah his first haircut. 

It was the last time Sarah let me touch his hair ;)

America's next dance crew watch out...Noa bustin a move.


Sarah went straight boy scout on us and built an igloo with the boys. Noa was so excited and couldn't stop talking about it when I got home from work. 

Some grandma time. They went to the aquarium for the day and had a blast.

Noa and Micah got some clothes and a Spiderman card from Nana and Pop-pop Ioane. They boys played with it for days. Here is a quick video of them. They would jump and shoot webbing all day. It was some fun stuff.

Road Trip!

We took a trip to AZ in March to check out Aloha Festival. Noa was a little more excited than Micah. 

Right when we got there I put the boys to work cleaning the car ;)

Talia and Micah. We went to a small kids amusement park for Mai's bday. It was hot but really fun. Here are a bunch of photos of that day.

Mai at Peter Pizza...I think that is the name, with her ice cream cake. 

Some pics of us relaxing in AZ.


 Caught my beautiful niece digging for gold...we all do it, right?

Wow that was long. Stayed tuned for our dope April and May 2012 highlights.