Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer Fun!

It's been a crazy summer and our boys have kept extra busy. Here are some of the things we've done so far.

Swimming Lessons

This was Noa's first year swimming solo. He's usually in the Parent/Tot class with me. I thought he'd be scared, but he couldn't wait to leave me and jump in the water.

Micah got stuck with me and at first he hated it. Not to mention the pool's heater was broken so the water was freezing. He screamed and cried the first two days and it wasn't until Tau came that he started to love it. Thank goodness for daddies!

He loved to jump into the water, especially when we weren't ready so you always had to be on your guard. He was very attached to the pink and blue ducky and loved to throw them in the water and then rescue them.

Noa wasn't so sure about getting his head under the water so he made sure to make up his own rules for all the under water games they played. He's no dummy. He loved to splash and to jump in holding the instructors hands (as long as they promised to catch him and not let his eyes get wet).

On the last day they let all the kids go down the slides. I made Tau go with Micah, but felt bad after waiting and waiting for him to come down only to find he had had to scoot himself down the entire way. Micah still thought it was fun though :)

Noa got to go with his instructor. He told me later that the slides were his favorite part, but I've never been able to get him to go on them again with me. Maybe that's because mommy dunks him. What nice instructors.

BYU Summer Preschool

Noa all ready for his first day of school. Such a cool dude :)

 We thought it would be a neat experience for Noa to go to BYU's preschool this summer. It's pretty awesome and after we had orientation I wished I could be the one going to preschool.

 He's in the morning class which is great since he wakes up so early. Micah wasn't so sure about being up before 10 am.

Noa loves the structure of preschool. They get snacks everyday and go on lots of field trips around campus. They even have their own private playground. He gets to help take care of a lot of pets and his favorite one is a tarantula named Webby. He likes following all their rules and helping others keep them as well.

It's amazing how much he's already learned this summer. I think Noa's most favorite part of preschool though is that he gets to go with his daddy to work everyday and when Tau picks him up he always gets to ride on Tau's shoulders back to the office.

Noa learning about fire safety. I love this picture of him paying such close attention.

Sports Camp

Noa stopped playing sports at home and when people would ask why he didn't want to play he said he couldn't play sports and that he wasn't very good at them. I asked him who told him that and he said I did! I was shocked. "When did I tell you that?" I asked. "Mom..." he huffed "you told me I couldn't play sports on Sunday." Oops. I guess I should have been more clear about our playing sports on Sunday rule.

To ensure I hadn't crushed his confidence all together, we signed Noa up for Itty Bitty Sports camp in June. He got to go for four days and learn a new sport every time (soccer, basketball, football, and baseball). They always started with warm up stretches and then went to 6 different stations. At the end they would huddle together and do a group cheer about that days sport and get a special treat.

His favorite sport was soccer. I only have pictures of the basketball day because I forgot the camera, but you can tell it was a lot of fun. He's quite the natural. Just like his dad.

Here's a little video of him showing off his skills: