Saturday, July 23, 2011

Celebration of 5 years continued...

Here is a little more of the years gone by (definitely not in order)...
Noa at a few months old. He is still the darkest in the family so far.

Sarah finishing her undergrad and me my masters. Noa has already graduated from BYU.

Christmas on a hayride.

Christmas in AZ.

Trip to Cali to visit Ray and Lauren. Yeah dat was our car...we were rollin big time ;)

A pretty sky on one of our road trip. I think this was coming or going from AZ.

This was our first year of marriage. We were watching Gizmo in our first apartment and he wouldn't stop barking. So I slept on the couch and squirted him with a water gun to train him. Worked pretty good.

Wedding day pic! Doesn't Sarah look beautiful.

Our wedding announcement pic.

One of Sarah's bridals...they are awesome. She has a lot of these that are just great.

This is us in VA after our Germany tour with BYU. We visited my family and Sarah's family.

Rigg Family camping. Awesome shot of a Colorado sunset.

Me super scared. First time on a horse and I think that might be my last.

Sarah doing her cowgirl thang.

This was Valentine's Day. The last one we spent single. And yeah I used to rock the turtle neck now and again...I think I still have this one in my closet ;)
Can't forget about our special lil Micah. He is such a joy and lights up the room with his smile. This is a recent shot of him when we were in Cali last month.

I must say we have many memories. It was great looking at some of them again. I think I will save some to share next year. Thanks again to my lovely, talented, warm, kind, spiritual, and everything else that is good in my life wife Sarah Denise Ioane. You are the best hun. Love you!

Friday, July 22, 2011


Yes it has been five years...HAPPY ANNIVERSARY SARAH!

I'm so lucky to have spent this time with Sarah. I wouldn't want to have it any other way. We have had so many great blessings, memories, and trials (that have made us better) while dating and married! Here are some blast from the past photos. I can't do our time together justice because I don't have all of the photos. But I will add some more later.

I just wanted to say that I love Sarah so much and am looking forward to upcoming memories we will make. Thanks hun for the great 5 years! I'm can't wait for the next 5. Hope you have a great day.

Little graduation day pic. I think this was the first time Sarah met da rents (parents).

This stuff is mostly our Mexico tour with Living Legends. Some great shots of Sarah. She LOVED tour and Living Legends. I did too, but Sarah still lights up when ever we get on the subject. She was always looking for opportunities to serve and reach out to others in Living Legends.

I remember that piece of candy in Sarah's was nasty.
Sarah and Tami
Sarah was trying to stick her head in the mouth but she was vertically challenged...that's all changed now ;)
This was our first house. The outside looks rough but you should see the inside.

Peek-a-boo shot. Just havin some fun at the ruins.
This is Guadalajara...Sarah's old stompin grounds. These guys played us a lil tune to welcome us.
Dis guy looks a lil scruffy...nothing compared to the current scuffiness ;)
Here is an "I'm so tired I can barely keep my eyes open" pic. Look for more pics soon...

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Some Summer Fun

Okay it's been a while peoples. But we've done some fun things for the end of spring and start of summer that I wanted to share. Here they are all out of order:

We went to Art City Days...a must if you are in Springville in June! Noa loves the carousel if you couldn't tell.
Micah wasn't as excited.

Here we are on the ferris wheel...Noa was fearless (Sarah didn't want anything to do with it. It's okay hunny ;).

Another ferris wheel shot.

We also took the boys to hike the Y...what were we thinking? No it was fun but we got a real good workout. Our legs and backsides were sore for a couple of days. But the boys really liked getting outside and finally checking out the Y they point out everyday.

The last couple shots is when we took Noa to the Suessical! Cool and fun show. Noa loves his Dr. Suess books so he recognized some of the characters. But as you can see he was pretty excited before it even started.