Thursday, January 22, 2009

He's Laughing!

I have been worried Noa wasn't laughing and smiling like the books say he's supposed to. Then I realized maybe he doesn't laugh because I don't really laugh around him. I'm sure babies learn how to laugh even if people don't laugh around them, but just in case I decided I would try harder to laugh so he could see what it's like. Slowly, but surely Noa has started to smile and laugh. And let me tell you it is to die for. I just love watching him grow up and learn new things. Here is a video of my efforts to get him to laugh. Embarrassing myself in front of him was worth it when I saw his Grandma Ioane telling him to go to bed and him laugh out because he thought she was hilarious. Now I play games on Tau, I will whisper stuff into Noa's ear (i.e. lets make daddy change your poopy diaper) and then give a sinister laugh and Noa will start laughing with me. When Tau hears us laughing he comes running into the room so he can be part of the joke. Little does he know he is the joke. Mwah ha ha! Just kidding babe ... Love ya

Operation Laugh from Sarah Ioane on Vimeo.

Let it Snow!

Thankfully it hasn't been nearly as cold in Utah as it has been for my poor family in MN and IL, but we have had our fare share of snow. Noa is fascinated with it. He doesn't show his excitement as most babies do,

(he just looks dazed or in deep thought about it)
but I'm sure he is amazed at how smoke comes from his mouth or how cold his nose gets. One things for sure, being all bundled up in his oversized snowsuit really wares him out. He falls asleep every time I put him in it. Here are some pictures of us making snow angels and playing at the park, another time when we took him sledding at Rock Canyon Bowl, and just before we went on a walk to look at all the Christmas lights.