Monday, April 26, 2010

Noa's Gymnastics Graduation

Noa graduated from his gymnastics class last month. They had a little performance to celebrate. My mom and Tau got off work early and surprised us when they came to watch. Noa was very excited to have an audience to show his new moves off to.

Here are some clips from that day. Enjoy. P.s. my favorite pic is the one at the end. That is the pose he does whenever he is preparing to jump.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday Photo: Sleep

One of my favorite things about motherhood is moments like this. How did I get so lucky to be trusted with such a sweet spirit. Noa brings so much joy to our lives. I am so grateful I get to be his mother.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Heritage Week

Noa loves watching dances so for Heritage Week at BYU we took him to see luau since he was too young to go to the Living Legends show. His eyes were plastered to the stage and he would start cheering during the black outs as soon as he saw the dancers taking their places. I can't wait to get Noa dancing. I only hope when he's older he loves it as much as he does now. It can really open some doors for him.

Later that week Tau and I got to go see Living Legends. The show gets better and better every time I see it. I am so glad I got to be a part of it. If they didn't take a chance on me I would have never met my sweet husband or felt the joy of sharing my testimony with so many wonderful people around the world.

LL goes to China this year with my brother, Jake, as the president. I know they're going to open many doors there for the gospel to be shared. I am so excited for them. That was the hardest part for me in letting go of the group. Now I have to be a good missionary on my own. Good luck in China Jake. Our prayers will be with you and the group.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday Photo: Lost & Found

About a month ago I convinced Tau to take us ice skating for Family Home Evening. I was really excited to see what Noa thought of the ice. Parking was packed so Tau dropped us off to find a spot and Noa and I went to get the tickets. As we were walking in I set Noa down to hand the tickets over and looked up for one second to answer a question. When I looked back down, Noa was gone. The arena was shoulder to shoulder packed with people. I ran in and started to look for him. 10 minutes (an eternity) and many tears later someone found him playing in a corner. He didn't even miss us and was having the time of his life.

We had described Noa over the speakers and so after we found him I felt like everyone knew I was the bad mom who lost my son. My eyes were swollen from crying and Tau was a nervous wreck so we never got to actually skate. We grabbed a bag of popcorn, snapped this picture to blog about, and went straight home and held Noa until he fell asleep.

After this experience Noa now has a "leash" backpack which I said I would never get for my kids and I never let him down even when he is screaming if I know I can't watch him. I was not only scared I had lost my son forever, but that my husband would never forgive me. Luckily I married my prince charming. He was jumping over stair cases and walls like a super hero to find Noa and afterwards he didn't scold me for losing him or anything. He just put his arms around me and comforted me. We also had great friends there who helped us run around looking for Noa. Thanks Candice and Dayton, that meant the world to us.