Saturday, December 1, 2012

Silly Faces

Noa and Micah hamming it up for the camera. Today we were practicing our sad, scared, mad, happy, and surprised emotions. Every day is an adventure with these two little squirts. They always know how to make me laugh.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Family reunion and visits!

Here are some of the pics from the Uda Fam Reunion in July right after our trip to Da Shire (New Hampshire to the uncool peeps) ;)  A visit from my Mom and Sister and her kids.

Most of the grandkids went to see the hot air balloons and had a 4th of July breakfast at a local grocery store.

Sarah, Naomi, and I took most of the lil ones to the Pleasant Grove parade. Yes we are sitting in a ditch and yes it was awesome.

We also went to the fair with some of the kids to do some rides.

Some of the family did the 4th of July run and then got great spots for the parade.

Some of us crazy people decided to do a hike up Stuart Falls with the kids. Noa and Micah had a blast! It was fun, a great workout, and a little more than we expected. ;)

But there were some great views and it was a great day overall.

We also had a day on the lake. Thanks to Munro and Papa G for the boat! We didn't get any photos while we were there but I think these knocked out kids show how much fun we all had. 

My Mom and sister Anita along with her great kids Mai, Leo, and Lia came to visit soon after the Uda reunion. Here we are on a little milder hike up Battle Creek.

We also went to Thanksgiving Point so the kids have some fun in the water and run wild around the park.

Just some pics while the cousins were in town.

Here is a meal we learned from da Grill Master Taber and Becca. Thanks's a keeper.

Just caught a rainbow while playing with the kids. This is definitely what I would want at the end of the rainbow I find. :)

My sister, Anita, performed at a couple of shows in Utah. Her group Tausala did great and we loved watching.

Noa had a soccer game while his cousins were visiting. Leo came to watch and cheer him on.

We took the boys out for their birthdays in July and August. We went bowling and ate out. Later on we went to Chuckee Cheese. They both had fun and are such great kids. We are so blessed to have Noa and Micah. They are teaching us so much. This post has reminded me of how much family means and plays a part in our lives. I'm so grateful for our family and extended families...we are blessed.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

New Hampshire

A little trip to the east to visit the Rigg Fam! We had a blast and here is some of the no specific order:

The flight out was interesting. Our plane got delayed and we ended up not getting there until 3am. The boys did awesome and we all slept in the next day and hung out at the house to get ready for the fun week.

Trip to Maine...Ogunquist or something like that :) Teya and Noa doin there model thang!

We ate some seafood, rode a lobster boat, and ran in to George Bush Sr...just a normal day in the life of the Ioane and Rigg fams. ;)

Uncle Taber took us fishing at a dope spot near their house. Here's Teya and Brinley showing us how it's done.

Noa was concerned with the high fishing skills of his cousins and that he wouldn't be able to keep up....

But with a couple of quick tips from the master, he did just fine.

Noa really liked the worms.

PB&J Break!

Micah was also very interested in the worms.

Brinz go distracted catching butterflies...

"Did I kill it?"

"No it's alive, besides all butterflies go to heaven."

Noa during one of his naps.

 Here is the crew siken themselves up for the kids museum.

Cam wasn't as excited ;)

Noa tried to take some golf balls home for dad.

These two were so fun to watch play. While Noa destroyed everything with his superpowers, Brinley would make a soup in a special pot in the backyard. Here they are just enjoying the sand together.

After some time at the museum the crew was all tuckered out.

 The tramp with the sprinkler was also a fan favorite

 We also hit up the mall. This one was interesting. I had all the kids so Sarah and Becca could do some sister time shopping. Of course Noa had to drop a deuce. So we piled everyone on the sit and stand and all went in the family bathroom. While there the girls decided to take care of some business too. Cam waited till we got back to the kid's play place to do his business. It was fun being a father of 5 for an hour...I don't know how moms do it. :)

I know I did not catch all of the fun we had on this trip. We watched some NBA playoffs on the projector, played Settlers, and had some outstanding food. Thanks Riggs for a great trip.