Friday, February 26, 2010

Turning Toddler

I think Noa's last haircut really solidified the fact that he's not a baby anymore. I thought I would be really sad, but this new stage has been an adventure and Tau and I are having a lot of fun watching Noa live life. Here are a few pictures of what he's been up to lately.

He has officially graduated to a toddler bed. At first we just put him in it at nap times and then when he stopped falling out of it and learned how to sleep the right way, we moved him to it at nights too. He used to stay in bed until I came and got him, but this morning he was knocking at his door saying "hi? ma?" over and over again. I couldn't help but laugh. I guess he's not afraid of falling out anymore.

Just before we went to Hawaii the whole family got sick. Noa just wanted to lay around all day, but not with me. He wanted to be on his own couch. He is very "do it myself" lately.

I got over my laziness and decided making cookies and memories with Noa for Valentines Day was worth the mess I'd have to clean up later. Now he wants to cook with me all the time. He has a little stool and stands on it or sits on the counter while I cook. He even helped me make mashed potatoes yesterday. The whole time saying "" then he'd stick his hand in the potatoes, pop a fist full in his mouth, make a pained face, and tell me it was hot again. I guess they weren't too hot (thank goodness).

He likes to help us clean the house too. Tau always lets him throw all the clothes in the washer when they do the laundry together... that's right my hubby does all the laundry :) Thanks Tau. We struggle to sweep together and when the vacuum goes on, Noa comes running and wants to sit on the front while I push it around. He likes to help with the trash too, mostly he'll carry it to the patio and before you can shut the door he brings it back in again. I just let him carry them around until he gets distracted with something else.

He likes to watch evening sports with his daddy and cheers whenever a basket is made, but he also likes to watch American Idol with his mommy and claps and dances to the songs. If it's a song he really likes he'll even give them a "woo" as he waves his arms to the beat. Very funny. Sometimes the shows go late and I know we should have put him in bed already, especially when he lays on his hand (that's his sign for being tired), but it's just so nice when he sits still and cuddles with us.

We recently rearranged his room. He has his own basket ball hoop and a ball hanging from the ceiling that he likes to hit with his bat and whatever else he can swing. Sometimes when he wakes up from his nap I can hear him in there cheering himself on after making a basket or hitting a good ball. He's such a boy. I love it.

Well I guess this post was a bit wordier than I intended, but I just wanted to share all the fun things Noa's been up to lately. Hope you enjoyed.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

President's Day

On President's Day my sister, Rachel, and her family invited Noa and I to go to Jumpin Jacks (poor Tau had to work).

We were so excited to get out of the house and to top it all off, Noa was free. Hooray! Good thing too because he was scared of all the bounce houses.

I was determined that he have fun so I sat in a bounce house with him. He wouldn't leave my side and eventually fell asleep. Oh well :)

It was a lot of fun spending time with family though, and I loved watching Noa play with his cousins. Thanks Rae and Ro for thinking of us.