Monday, May 17, 2010


I know it's super late, but I wanted to post some pictures from Easter. Noa got to go to two Easter egg hunts this year. It was a blast watching him carefully choose and collect just the right eggs as all the other kids ran wild around him. I guess quality not quantity is more important for some when it comes to Easter eggs.

Patiently waiting for the games to begin

His basket got to heavy for him so he had me carry it.

The Brown, Holdcraft, and Ioane kids presenting their spoils.

Ya, Noa loves monkeys right now. He's a little obsessed. I credit this to Dora the Explorer's friend Boots.

Daddy helping collect eggs

Uda, Murdock, and Ioane kids with their loot.

Now that Noa gets the basket thing and understands what goes inside, I can't wait for Halloween. This year should be a lot of fun.