Tuesday, March 15, 2011


This doesn't have anything to do with sledding but my lil man is too good lookin not to share.

Here is Micah all ready to go. Don't worry everybody we turned around his seat. We are good parents and know he shouldn't be front facing yet.

Noa looked a little worried or tired?

Tired it is. My man fell asleep.

So we took Micah for some rides before Noa woke up...and it was dope! That's right I said "dope."

Some random lady asked Noa and I to pose for a picture, she said she wanted to use it in some sledding magazine and would send contracts to be models...I'm playin. There was no contracts just a one time photo deal...in cash ;) Is there such a thing as a sledding magazine?

Now prepare yourselves to see and feel the action of sledding. Sarah and Noa waving the whole ride down.

Take a ride with Noa and Tau...it's just like being there minus all the fun. Sorry you have to go sledding to feel that.