Monday, December 12, 2011

October 2011

Haircut alert! Yeah he is a stud.

Noa got tubes again...they should last for a while and they have made a big difference. Ear infections...dislike

HAWAII!!! We got to go for my work. And we left the boys with my mother in law...Thanks! It was fun and one night we went to the Haunted Lagoon at the PCC. This is our scared faces, but it looks like I'm surprised because Sarah is trying to knee me in the groin.
The line was insane but it was worth the wait...good fun.

Seafood spot we ate was awesome. I'm pondering and really enjoying the fish.....hhhhmmmm

We got a chance to see my Uncle and cousin Jack and the was so good to see them. Love you guys!

We got to go to the temple and after took some glamour shots...yeah work it hun.

This is not the temple.

Still got work...but it's was a great trip to be with Sarah and some nice weather.

Noa and Micah with their boyz Warren and Polika at another corn maze.

Micah ate his fill of the corn that everyone was playing in.

Noa and Warren spent hours jumping in the corn.

We attended a BYU football game for work. A co worker asked me to host her donors. So Sarah and I jumped all over it. BYU beat up on Idaho State. It was a lot of fun.

Here we are at the corn maze was just across the street so I guess Sarah was the one who went a lot.

Reminded that I'm so blessed!

Noa showing off some of his ninja moves...Micah in the background doin his thang too.

One of Sarah's excursions with the boys...the weather was great this fall!

Ninja and Spiderman...hardcore thugs

I have no idea who this lady is...but I think everyone had fun. Another day fun trip so I'm in my cubicle wishing I could be there...sad face.

Yeah...that's a turkey we carved. Sarah did most of the work. We had just watched the Food Network and the Halloween carving contest...I don't think we will ever do this again. It was hard...Sarah said.

Some decorations for Halloween. Sarah is so crafty.

September 2011

Quick rundown of September...

We found out our lil angel is actually a lil...

I'm kidding. Our lil Micah is as sweet as they come. He loves to share and snuggle wit his mom and dad :)

My sister, Anita, came in town to perform with Te Vaka. They did a tahitian number and they did great. It was nice to have her, even if it was for a quick visit.

Quick picture before the show...where is Micah?

Had to go to get a pumpkin and see the corn maze...courtesy of our mortgage company...they owe us about a million more events and we should be even.

Noa's favorite past time these days...

My road dog. He's just chillin.

Noa's catching up to dad.

This is Micah's favorite past time.

Sarah helping Noa jump in the hay...I think she enjoyed this more than she should of.

Noa had some crazy accident when going to the happens.

I'm not really sure what they are doing here, but it's great to see the brothers sharing time warms my heart.

I think this is when Micah wasn't feelin too good. I think it was right before his tubes. Thank goodness for modern medicine.

Chillin at Aunty Liz's house while mom and dad go out...Thanks Liz and Toni.
Couple more months and we are caught up...