Wednesday, July 22, 2009

3 Years and Counting

It's official! Tau and I have been married 3 years now. I get really excited just thinking about it. It seems that marriage gets better and better the longer we're together and though I didn't think it was possible to love someone more, I love Tau more and more every day. Thanks for being such a wonderful husband and father. I love you and am so excited to be married to you. I can't wait to experience more adventures with you and make more memories. Happy Anniversary Tau! Hope you enjoy taking a stroll down memory lane.

Dating Years and Growing Up

(It was hard to find pics of us together most of them are of Noa now oops)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Oh Canada!

We got to go to Canada to visit Tau's sister Sonya, for his cousins wedding and to visit his extended family a few weeks ago. Despite all the horror stories we hear about kids flying, Noa is a real champ at it. We just kept his tummy full and he was happy, we even snuck a few naps in on those 7 hr flights. The only problems we had were no changing tables in the bathrooms. I got peed on the way there and the way back and had no clothes to change into. Noa wore a lava lava like a toga and I was reminded how important it is to pack an extra pair of clothes for Noa and for me in the diaper bag.

I forgot to take many pictures so I can't really show you how beautiful Canada is. When we went into old Montreal and when we walked around Sonya's little town I felt like we were in France because of the old buildings, cobblestone paths, little cafes, and of course all the French words around me. It was a very enchanting place. Here are two pictures from Tau's Aunt Diane's backyard.

The food was also very good. Poutine is a popular dish there. It is just fries with gravy and squeeky cheese on top. Its really good, especially when the fries are crispy. They also have Ketchup Potato chips which I think Lays should sell in the U.S. And of course you can't go to Canada without trying their maple syrup. It was delicious. We bought a bunch of cans home as souvenirs. Here in Utah it tastes the same as regular syrup, I guess it was all about being there that makes it so special. Smarties is their version of M&M's, my favorite candy though was the Cadbury carmel bars. Yummo

The best part of the trip wasn't the food though, it was meeting all of Tau's extended family and staying up late with his sister's hearing about how Tau was the favorite son ;) and how he got away with everything. I can't believe all the stories I had never heard before. I laughed so hard. His Aunt and Uncles even pulled out some photo books and we learned a lot about his family. Hooray for genealogy!

We got to watch some arial fireworks thanks to Keola at Sonya's place and Aunt Diane and Uncle Serge had a sweet set up in their backyard so we didn't have to go anywhere else. It was nice because we were all just able to hang out, relax, talk story, and have fun and enjoy each other with no worries about doing anything else. Here are some pics of our activities:

This water was freezing cold, but the kids were determined to swim. Noa is mad at me for taking him out of the pool to early. He's a real daddy's boy nowa days.

We tuckered the poor kid out and are about to do it again in Cali. He's such a good sport. Thanks to all of Tau's family for showing us a good time. We love you and miss you already.